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Slide object blue object blue eSticky We help people living with dementia
at home to get new perspectives.


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We are a consortium of 7 partners from 4 European countries: Italy, Austria, Cyprus and Poland. We put together our design, marketing and technology expertise in the eSticky project for AAL, the European funding programme that aims to create better quality of life for elderly people.

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We designed a digital sticky note to help elderly people remember their day’s commitments. A network of graphical displays (the digital eSticky Notes) assists the person showing important information: scheduled events, medication reminders and nutrition recommendations. The aim of the project is to support people with memorization problems to maintain their autonomy of living.

Slide object blue object blue Elderly lady from morning
till evening.
Feel the new kind
of independence

Work packages



It concerns the coordination part of the project from a strategic and administrative point of view. It will include the management of the partners’ work and the connection with AAL to monitor the
Quality Assurance System.


  • Administrative Management
  • Reporting
  • Risk & Quality Management


In this phase we focus on all those activities that concern the involvement of elderly adults. From the recruitment to the analysis of customer behaviour and attitude, purchasing processes, regulatory and other decision-making for validating the customer appreciation.


  • User Requirements
  • User Centred Design (UCD) Methodology
  • Involvement of Users in System Engineering


From the first month we will work on the design and the construction of the device, implementing the core system. This means not only the device, but also the technology behind: web portal and smartphone apps, as primary user interfaces to the system. The final objective is to deliver a fully integrated system.


  • System Architecture
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Software Implementation
  • System Integration
  • System Optimization


A new product will be developed, and it needs a professional Design Project throughout the duration of the activities. An aesthetic design scheme is generated, followed by functional and technological design implementation. The objective is to lead from a design consulting support to a high-level prototype.


  • Design Research
  • Design Briefing
  • Design Concept
  • Design Sketch
  • Technical Design Development
  • Design Model Making
  • Prototype Design Support


The activities for the definition and implementation of a communication strategy at a local and international level. The communication must concern the dissemination and exploitation of the
eSticky system.


  • Dissemination Plan and Implementation
  • Exploitation Plan and Implementation







Different backgrounds



HICS will lead the commercialization of the final product, coordinating the entire project. HICS is an Italian startup operating in the “Smart Living” sector with solutions that facilitate daily life. Among its main projects, the HICSPERIENCE products line is designed to simplify the interaction of Home and Building Automation systems and of Internet of Thing solutions.

KI-I (Competence Network Information Technology to Support the Integration of People with Disabilities) will work on the design of the accessible user interface, development of the web portal and smartphone apps. KI-I is an Austrian company that deals with the improvement of living conditions of people with disabilities and elderly people. The KI-I can be seen as a platform for information exchange in this area.

UCY, the Department of Computer Science of University of Cyprus is active in the areas of information and communication technology (ICT). Its research falls under the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering, Internet and Mobile Technologies, e-Health and e-Learning. In this project UCY will provide its knowledge and experience on home server and on middleware platforms.

HARPO is a Polish research centre for assistive technology for people with various disabilities. It will lead the user involvement issues and will constantly monitor, discuss, evaluate and provide feedback based on the system development activities (executed in WP3: Implementation).

Assistenz24, is a non-profit organization and administers a comprehensive range of assistance services with a special focus on people with mental and physical disabilities. A24 will take over mainly User Involvement activities (WP2), exploiting their know how in the analysis of user needs and their large user base.

Werner Daxberger is an Austrian product designer with a long-term experience in the design of aesthetic products. In eSticky Werner Daxberger will design a successful and effective product. Since the product will be intended for an elderly target, it must be supported by an ergonomic design, suitable also for an inexperienced user.

Gerd Rosenauer is a product designer. Since 2000, as an independent entrepreneur he has looked after customers with a focus on technical implementation in the design process. With Werner Daxberger will take care of the Industrial design activities (WP 4), with a focus on functional and technological design implementation.



Mrs Smith is an 82 years-old woman with mild dementia, and she lives alone, far from her son. She often forgets to drink water.
Mrs Smith will get reminded to drink water. She reads the note on her eSticky display.
After drinking water, Mrs Smith confirms the OK-button and this information is automatically sent to the family member connected to the system.


User friendly icon

User friendly

Our systems are designed for elderly people, so their structure and graphics will be as easy as possible, useful to our users

Remote control icon

Remote control

Basic cloud services offered by the home server and managed by its middleware, will simplify the connection and remote management of home eSticky displays by the carer and family members

Battery life icon

Battery life

Our displays will be based on Android OS and will be equipped with 3G, WI-FI and BLE (Bluetooth
Low Energy) standard radio communication protocols



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Logo of the italian Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca

Logo of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR)

Project partially funded by AAL Joint programme and “Ministry for Education, University and Research” (Italy), “Research & Innovation Foundation” (Cyprus), “The National Centre for Research and Development” (Poland) and “FFG Forschung wirkt” (Austria) under the Grant Agreement number AAL-2019-6-179-CP.

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