With the health emergency, the traditional kick off meeting was held online thanks to the Skype platform!

The seven partners involved in the creation of eSticky, despite the difficulties, carry out the project that helps people with memory disorders to remember.

E-Sticky, in fact, is proposed as an innovative product; the ambition is to become a point of reference in the European context. During this first meeting, the work areas of the various partners were defined and the objectives to be achieved were identified.

The project is ambitious and involves various processes including the management part, industrial design, user involvement, etc.

The protagonists of the project, with the lead company HICS, come from different sectors and will contribute through a stimulating collaboration to the realization of the project.



It operates in the “Smart Living” sector with solutions that facilitate daily life. Among its main projects, the HICSPERIENCE product line is designed to simplify the interaction of Home and Building Automation systems and Internet of Thing solutions.

will guide the marketing of the final product, coordinating the entire project.


Austrian company deals with the improvement of the living conditions of people with disabilities and the elderly. He will work on the design of the user Interface, the development of the web portal and smartphone apps.


He deals with research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Internet and Mobile Technologies, e-Health and e-Learning. In this project, UCY provides its knowledge and experience regarding home servers and middleware platforms.


It is a Polish research center that deals with assistive technology for people with disabilities. It will guide user engagement processes and, through the monitoring and evaluation of user tests, will constantly provide feedback.


Organizzazione non-profit che amministra una vasta gamma di servizi di assistenza, con un’attenzione particolare alle persone con disabilità mentali e fisiche. A24 si occuperà principalmente delle attività di User Involvement.


He is an Austrian product designer with a long experience in the design of aesthetic products. In the eSticky project, Werner Daxberger will design an effective and successful product.


Gerd Rosenauer is a product designer. Since 2000, as an independent entrepreneur, he has been taking care of clients with particular attention to technical implementation in the design process. With Werner Daxberger he will take care of the Industrial Design activities.