A meeting on the eSticky project was held in Cyprus on May 18 and 19 focusing on the final analysis of the prototype-the ergonomic and functional aspects-and verification of the system architecture and compatibility with third-party platforms.

For Werner Daxberger, designer and project partner, the meeting in Cyprus had to be as climate-friendly as possible. Therefore, the trip was made by bus, train, ferry, cab and, for a short stretch, even by plane. A total of five full days of travel without hotel accommodation, with the use of washing facilities at bus stations and on the train.

Surprisingly, the trip was not strenuous but very relaxing.

It was interesting to see this ancient cultural landscape, from Austria to Italy, from Greece to Cyprus. It was also a historical journey to the places of past European empires. Cyprus is on the edge of Europe, geographically already in Asia, so it was appropriate to return home via Turkey, whose Ottoman roots-think coffee-influenced Europe. 

Then continuing through the former Eastern Bloc countries of Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, one could see vestiges of the communist past. Different and mutual influences. What remains are the people with their needs and requirements: here we can help, at least a little, with our project, especially in the peripheral areas in the border regions. One can imagine that young people migrate to the cities and the elderly stay behind. For example, these people may need our help to make their daily lives a little easier with our eSticky project.


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