The Estiky project was born out of the need to develop a device that would be a valuable support tool for people with memory dysfunction.
Memory is what allows us to build our identity, defining who we are.
In old age, neuronal plasticity and the activities related to the hippocampus (brain area devoted to memory) tend to come to a drastic halt; many disorders related to the onset of dementia are disabling and affect a large number of the elderly.
Memory-related disorders demand continuous monitoring as one forgets the most basic yet fundamental activities.

Taking the case of an elderly person who has to take medication daily, it is vital to have a “good memory.” Family members of the elderly, if alone, live in a state of perpetual anxiety since they cannot always send alerts about which medications to take.

Technology in this field, and beyond, offers valuable help: numerous devices have been designed that can monitor activities, taking advantage of the Internet and artificial intelligence systems. This is why e-Sticky was created, whose goal is to support elderly people to preserve their independence in daily life.

The new device, funded thanks to the European project AAL PROGRAMS, and the collaboration of seven partner companies (HICS S.R.L., KI-I – Competence Network, University of Cyprus, Harpo Sp. z o. o., Werner Daxberger aesthetic design, Gerd Rosenauer industrial design engineering, Assistenz24 gemeinnützige GmbH) will be a digital Post-it note that will help elderly people remember their daily commitments and small appointments, while also connecting the device with their families.