AAL was a joint program in support of an active and autonomous life (Active and Assisted Living), born after the conclusion of a previous seven-year program called “Ambient Assisted Living”. The general objectives of the AAL program were:

expand the availability of information and communication technology (ICT) -based products and services for active and healthy aging, in order to improve the quality of life of the elderly and those who care for them and, at the same time, the sustainability of assistance systems;
maintain a critical mass of trans-European applied research, development and innovation activities in the field of ICT-based products and services for aging in good conditions, involving mainly SMEs and users;
stimulate private investment and improve the conditions for industrial exploitation of these technologies, providing a coherent framework for the development of approaches and solutions at European level that includes common minimum standards responding to different social preferences and different national and regional regulatory aspects.

During its 7 years AAL has published 8 transnational calls also financed by the MUR, which have led to the admission for funding of 34 projects involving 65 Italian partners who have invested a total of 17 million euros and will receive public funding equal to 6.7 million euros.

Research activities in this area will continue to be supported under a new European partnership called Transforming Health and Care Services, which is currently in preparation and which is expected to start its activities in January 2023.

We have brought our design, marketing and technology skills and knowledge into the eSticky project for AAL, the European research and development program to support an active and independent life