Dementia doesn’t take a break in times of the coronavirus.
The circumstances caused by loneliness and less interaction have tended to exacerbate the situations for those affected and their relatives.
Therefore it was most important for us to listen to the concerns, worries and wishes of those affected, their relatives and carers mainly in relation to help, that our new eSticky product will be able to give.
In November and December 2020 we performed user tests of eSticky UI mockups. They were tested during the end user sessions in Poland and Austria.
Generally so far 27 users, primary, secondary and professional carers (9 men and 18 women in the age of 34-67 from urban and rural areas), have given their opinion. Their IT literacy was evenly spread among participating users between little, medium and high (but all users had at least a little experience with IT systems). Unfortunately, due to the regulations in force, most of the interviews in 2020 had to take place online.
The UI has been perceived positively in general. We were also able to take good suggestions and ideas with us and give them to our colleagues in the EU project for design and technical development.