A base box is required in the eSticky device to integrate the hub hardware. In fact, a power supply unit is required for operation. This allows for additional applications that tend to enhance the functionality of the eSticky system, which perhaps cannot be realized with displays due to limited battery power. 

A number of variations are currently being explored to improve the functionality of the device.


Basic box with sound and LED 

To draw more attention to a new notification displayed on eSticky, it might be useful to integrate a sound and visual signal on the base box.

The base box is located only in one room in the main users’ home, while the sound signal is only partially audible in other rooms. Similarly, the optical signal is only visible in the room of the base box. This means that the acoustic signal is an additional aid to attract the user’s attention when he or she is in the vicinity of the base box. 

The base box does not emit any light or sound signal in its passive state. When an alert is received, it emits a light and an audible signal.

Base box with room for future additions

 In view of future technical developments, it seems advantageous to be able to easily upgrade the hardware of eSticky components. Therefore, a little more space has been provided for integrating additional parts in the future. 

Due to possible changes in the suppliers of the hardware parts, it might also happen that some parts have different sizes. In addition, the base box can accommodate photo frames with user images. This makes eSticky devices more familiar. 

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Display with integrated base box

If the hardware is very small, it might be possible to integrate the base box hardware into the device of an eSticky display-a main eSticky display with power supply. The advantage is a minimized product range and possible reduced costs due to the absence of a separate base box. In addition, this main eSticky display does not require batteries and thus has a long operating time.

This main eSticky display could be the basic set, with the possibility of purchasing other battery-powered displays.